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Finding the Line

In today's business world, the line between what's best and what's right, what's ethical and what's lucrative, is often blurred. This blog lives on that line.

Everything you need to survive in today's business world you probably learned in the schoolyard. How to choose your fights; when to stand up to the big kids; when to just take your ball and go home. And remember what your teacher taught you: no one likes a tattletale or a crybaby.

It's time to get back to those days, to trust your basic ethics and remember your backbone. It's time to reconnect with your conscience. This blog is here to help. Have a question about what's right and wrong in the workplace? Ethical dilemmas? Career quagmires? Feel free to post them in the comments section below, and it might make it to a poll, where the readers of Bnet can help you decide.

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