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Finding Hidden Equity

I don't know about you, but I am getting seriously bored with all this downturn talk.

Next time someone directs the conversation towards doom and gloom, either stick your fingers in your ears or help them find some hidden equity.
One of the big problems with incessant talk of recession and the ever-growing language of 'sliding business confidence', is that it's very easy to fall into the trap where our only measurement of success is financial. If we're not careful we can overlook the many other areas of our work and life where we are building value. Areas where we are, in effect, hiding equity.

Let's start with business. In pretty well every small business I have seen there resides an aspect of value that the business owner has probably never paused to acknowledge.

Whether it's intellectual property amassed through years of experience and training, a database of contacts, or recognition and profile of a brand. Value and equity exist to some degree in every business and we shouldn't forget this when dark clouds appear.

The clouds will pass. The value will remain.

Outside of work, we are growing and nurturing equity in many, many places. Not the kind of equity we will trade for grubby old cash. This equity is far more important than that.

I'm talking about the personal equity we grow through our relationships. The equity we build in our children and the equity we build in ourselves through constant learning.

So when a friend or colleague tries to enrol you in dialogue about all things miserable, take them on the trail of hidden equity. Or stick your fingers in your ears.

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