Find the Best Route to Multiple Destinations

Last Updated Sep 19, 2010 11:22 PM EDT

Need to visit our vendor and a few clients this afternoon? You could eyeball the map to pick the best route, or you could do it the scientific way. Here's a Web site that will find the most efficient route to all your destinations quickly and easily -- complete with driving directions.

Route4Me is a great little resource for anyone who spends a lot of time on the go. Enter a list of addresses into the clean and efficient Web site and you'll see the most efficient route displayed using either Bing or Google maps (your choice) along with detailed turn-by-turn driving directions.

The site also does something worth its weight in gold -- it'll navigate you back to your starting point. As a Navigationally Challenged American, I must confess that this is pretty much my favorite feature. Of course, Route4Me also gives you total travel time and distance.

There's also a free iPhone app that does pretty much the same thing, with a few handy additions, like the ability to pick destinations out of your phone's address book. It also uses GPS to know your current location, which you can set as the starting point.