Find out when your flight is late or cancelled from your iPhone

When you're traveling, knowing what's going on with your flight is half the battle. AirAdvocate is a an iPhone app that keeps you in the know about everything related to your upcoming flights.

At first glance, this 99 cent app looks like a smart and practical tool for business travelers -- but upon closer inspection, it's that and more. When you email your flight confirmation to AirAdvocate, it tracks your flight status so you always know if it's on time, delayed, or cancelled.

That's cool, and probably worth a dollar. But the app does a lot more. AirAdvocate tracks your itinerary and provides one-click access to check in at the airline's Website. It'll notify you if the flight is full, so you know if there are no seats left on the plane, as well as track alternate flight options for you.

There are even extras like a Tarmac Timer, which tracks how long your plane has been sitting on the tarmac waiting for parts or clearance, an airline directory, and a "passenger rights" guide so you can better gauge you rights when traveling.

The bottom line, though, is that I will gladly pay a dollar to be the first person in concourse B29 to know that our flight to Cleveland has been cancelled.

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