Find Out if Your Flight Has Wi-Fi Before You Leave Home

Last Updated Oct 11, 2010 12:59 AM EDT

If you don't like to be disconnected from e-mail and the Web when you fly, you probably love the rise of Wi-Fi on many airlines. But knowing whether you'll find Internet access on any particular flight is often something of a crapshoot. Why wait till you get on the plane to find out if it has Wi-Fi? Now you can get the skinny at home, before you even leave for the airport.

Actually, there are two different services you can rely on to find out if there's Wi-Fi on your next flight:

  • SeatGuru, which we've talked about before, will identify Wi-Fi-enabled flights with an Internet icon and some text to explain the level of service. SeatGuru, of course, is chock full of all sorts of information about your flight, including helpful seating maps to help you decide where to sit and what the meal accommodations are.
  • HasWifi is a single-minded Web site that does one thing and one thing only: It tells you if you can expect to find Wi-Fi on your slight. You can enter your carrier and flight number, or search with your TripIt information.