Find a Workspace or Meeting Room When You're on the Road

Last Updated Aug 29, 2011 12:33 PM EDT

It's a familiar dilemma: You are traveling to meet some clients, but you need a touchdown space to get some work done. Starbucks will kind of do for now, but you also want a meeting room to have an ad-hoc get-together with some remote workers. Finding such locations used to be hit or miss, but now it's easy to find a workspace you can rent by the day or longer.

LooseCubes is an online community that connects you with available workspaces. The site is structured like a searchable classifieds ad; enter the city you are looking for, and you'll get all of the available office spaces in the surrounding area. Drill in on a property to see what it's like. You'll get photos, a street map, a detailed description, and other details. The "vive," for example, indicates if the office space is more professional, friendly, creative, casual, or quiet (to name a few of the many options).

It's free to browse the listings, and each workspace sets its own rental fee. I saw a very wide range of rates, from just a few dollars a day to hundreds of dollars a day, depending upon the sort of office and the city in which it's located.

If you have office space to spare, you can host as well. But the real draw here is the ease with which you can find a space to call your own almost anywhere you can imagine. LooseCubes is currently offering workspaces for hire in 411 cities across 56 countries.

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