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FIFA 12 is the king of soccer games

FIFA Soccer 12 will not disappoint
EA Sports

(CBS) - Football, or soccer as it's known inside the United States, is the most popular sport in the world. There are approximately 3.5 billion fans, and in 2010, the number of viewers for the World Cup was much larger than the number of people watching the Super Bowl.

Based on the above, its little surprise that the FIFA soccer series is the most popular game in the EA Sports catalog, and FIFA 12 does nothing to disappoint soccer fans everywhere.

The biggest change this year to the soccer franchise is the "Player Impact" Engine, which features player authenticity such as precise dribbling and life-like player movement.

The physics or player movements of this game are outstanding: the player collisions have a real feel to them. The game's AI forces players strategize - and there are no more carefree slides. Your game strategy needs to be calculated and direct, which ultimately makes for a better gaming experience. Also the newest version boasts an improved defensive system, making defense much more cerebral.

Additionally, not all players react in the same way to every bounce of the ball. Many of the players in 2012 have the same attributes as their real-life counterparts. Players like Ronaldo and Messi have quick feet and are fast. Physical players such as Drogba are able to withstand the physical collisions.

The game has over 500 officially licensed clubs and over 15,000 players. EA Sports also kept many of the same features such as online multiplayer, career mode, and FIFA Ultimate team. The career mode is much more robust. The game also has the wonderful commentary teams of Alan Smith and Martin Tyler as well as Clive Tydesley and Andy Townsend.

Basically, this game has no downside. If you are a fan of the "beautiful game," FIFA 12 is the best soccer game around.

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