Feed: "Thriller" Dance World Record Attempt

Dramatic cell phone footage captured the destructive power of a tornado that ripped through Northeast Texas on Sunday. The powerful twister flung train cars and pulled the roof off a school.

New York's Guggenheim Museum used the distinctive curved exterior of its Frank Lloyd Wright building as a backdrop for Youtube videos. The "Youtube Play" exhibition features 25 homemade videos selected from more than 23,000.

Another Halloweeen, another "Thriller" dance record attempt. More than 200 zombies swarmed an Alburquerque, New Mexico park Sunday to set a new record for largest simultaneous dance. Cities around the world took part in an attempt to break the current record of 22,571 dancers.

On "CBS Sunday Morning," Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards put to rest a long-running rumor he says he started, that he once underwent a complete blood transfusion.

Richards said, "The paparazzi were there, I said I'm going to get my blood changed. I just wanted them off my back so I spun them a yarn. And I'm still living with it."

Wild dolphins in Australia were spotted "tail walking," a trick usually taught to dolphins in captivity. Remarkably, Australian activists believe a dolphin released back into the wild may have passed on the trick, all in the name of fun.