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Fed's Reworked Bailout Plan: A Gift That Keeps Giving?

The proposed economic "recovery" plan is starting to resemble a Christmas tree as lawmakers rush to hang shiny new ornaments on the controversial legislation that's now before Congress.

Earlier this week, a stripped-down version of the proposed $700 billion bill failed to pass the U.S. House of Representatives by 12 votes, a move that sparked a swift and furious decline in the U.S. stock market. Since then, credit markets have virtually seized up and major businesses, municipalities and consumers have been forced to put their businesses on hold.

Facing another tough bailout vote, lawmakers are scrambling to add measures they hope will insure passage. Since the bill's Monday defeat, legislators, lobbyists and various pressure groups have been pushing for ways to make the bill more attractive to congressional naysayers. The Senate will vote on its version of the bill today.
Here's some of the ideas floating around and a progress report on their chances of being in any final rescue plan.

No matter what ornaments are added to this legislation, taxpayers are still being asked to promise a whopping $700 billion to rescue the economy. And although there's a possibility that entire amount may not be needed, this bill is no early Christmas gift.
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