FDA Gives Pfizer's Penis-Straightening Drug Priority Review

Last Updated Apr 30, 2009 11:32 AM EDT

The FDA granted priority review status to a drug Pfizer is developing that will cure curvature of the penis. BNET readers first learned about Xiaflex -- and the rather less well publicized fact that it must be administered by injection into the organ itself -- back in December.

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Auxilium, Pfizer's partner on Xiaflex, secured the priority review.

You have to do a little bit of detective work to figure out that this is the same penis-straightening drug that has been tested on rat's tails. The PBJ story doesn't mention it. (The Inquirer and the AP both missed it, too.)

Auxilium's press release doesn't mention the other application for Xiaflex, and neither does BioSpecifics Technologies' statement, which is Auxilium's development partner.

Rather, the FDA review is for "Dupuytren's contracture." That turns out to be an uncommon hand deformity in which the connective tissue in your palms becomes tough and causes your hand to turn into a claw.

(Side note: It was Dupuytren's contracture that caused former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's hands to turn into claws -- although it is tempting to also conclude that this was simply the physical manifestation of her politics.)

However, be assured that Xiaflex for hand claws is the same Xiaflex for curved penises. Both conditions are caused by the buildup of fibrous tissue causing deformity in the appendage. When the application for the latter condition goes in, watch for the name "Peyronie's disease." (Warning: That link goes to a Wikipedia page with a NSFW medical photo of the condition.)

Image by Flickr user elsie.esq, CC.