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Fast Draw: Driving Under The Influence

(Mitch Butler)
Driving Under The Influence(Of Toxoplasma - A parasite well known for the danger it poses to pregnant women and fetuses could also be causing hundreds of thousands of car crashes a year. Researchers monitored people infected with "Toxoplasma," - which was believed to be a harmless presence in most people - and found people with the infection who also had Rh-negative blood types were 2.5 times as likely to have an auto accident. Click here for more.

Friend And Foe - You know about the dangers of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain, now a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds a more-than-sevenfold increase in computer-related injuries due to tripping over computer equipment, head injuries due to computer monitor falls and other physical incidents. The number of acute computer-related injuries (more than 78,000) increased by 732% over the 13-year study period, which is more than double the increase in household computer ownership (309%). Click here for the story

(Mitch Butler)
Moon Shot -Japan's Kaguya lunar orbiter will end its nearly two-year mission when it collides with the moon tomorrow. People may be able to spot a bright flash or plume of dust from the crash, and researchers will study its impact site to watch how radiation and micrometeoroids weather the newly exposed lunar soil over time. Click here for the story.

(Mitch Butler)
Frog Probiotics - The best hope for saving amphibian populations from a deadly fungus is a bacteria. Researchers are hoping a probiotic skin bacterium that occurs naturally on the skin of several amphibian species will protect them from the fungus that essentially suffocates them. People also benefit from probiotics, whether they realize it or not. We explained this at the height of the flu frenzy - check it out at Click here to watch.

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