Facebook: The long road to an IPO

For a primer on how Mark Zuckerberg went from a Harvard dorm room to the hottest IPO in history, here are two 60 Minutes stories on Facebook from 2008 and 2010

Finally! The Facebook IPO is here. Speculation about when Mark Zuckerberg would take Facebook public has been a favorite pastime of investors for years, and now those investors are scrambling for their share of one of the hottest IPOs in history. The offering price of $38 per share translates to a company valuation of $104 billion. All the more remarkable when you consider that only about eight years ago, Facebook was just an idea kicking around in a Harvard dorm room.

For a primer on the evolution of the Zuckerberg phenomenon, here are two 60 Minutes stories on Facebook from 2010 (Part One and Part Two) and from his first interview in 2008:

Also listen to Zuckerberg's comments to 60 Minutes about a Facebook IPO before he made his landmark decision: