Face the Nation transcripts April 21, 2013: Boston bombings - Patrick, Davis, McCaul, more

Neil Heslin: It was a shock when I heard what happened in Boston. What went through my mind was all of what we went through in Sandy Hook on December 14th, and I could just imagine it was the same as what it was in Sandy Hook with the police and the ambulances. The same sort of scene.

Bob Schieffer: You came here, you talked to senators, they talked to you. And then the Senate votes and basically, they voted against the bipartisan measure, the Manchin-Toomey bill. They voted against the Republican substitute, and they voted against the Democratic bill, which was Dianne Feinstein's, to outlaw these fast firing weapons. What do you do now? Where do you go from here?

Carlee Soto: We're not going away. We're going to keep fighting for our loved ones and everyone else who has died from gun violence. You know, we knew going into it that we weren't going to get the 60 votes, but we also knew that this is just the beginning, this is the first step and we're going to keep fighting.

Bob Schieffer: Were you - you're obviously disappointed. Did it go beyond that?

Erica Lafferty: I'm honestly disgusted that there were so many senators that are doing nothing about the fact that my mom was gunned down in her elementary school, along with five other educators and 20 six- and seven-year-old children. It's grossly unfair to the family members of Newtown as well as all other gun violence victims. I just hope that nothing like this has to happen to any of them, but I think you have to be in our shoes to understand how bad it hurts.

Bob Schieffer: Did you talk to any of these senators who voted against this bill?

Erica Lafferty: Yes. Collectively, I think that the Newtown families had talked to quite a few of them. We spent all week on Capitol Hill, going literally door to door, talking to a couple of senators, a lot of staff members, just trying to get things figured out. Trying to understand if there was anything that we could do to sway their decision, to have a conversation with them, to explain where it is standing from our point.

Bob Schieffer: Some people use the word cowardice and cowards. Do you feel that that's an appropriate word to use?

Neil Heslin: Um...

Bob Schieffer: Those who voted against this?

Neil Heslin: I do. I feel they're not standing up for what they should be. You know, at this point, I think I view it as a political game. You had 90 percent of the Democrats who voted in favor of these, to support these bills. Voted in favor of them. And 90 percent Republicans that did not. Fifty four percent of the majority did vote in favor of it. This is something that 90 percent of the citizens support. It's not about the Second Amendment. It's strengthening and adding to laws that are already in effect. So I don't think they did justice for all the victims of Newtown.

Bob Schieffer: Carlee, how do you feel?

Carlee Soto: My sister wasn't a coward that day. My sister pushed the kids up against the wall, out of sight. If you look into her class, my sister left the wall to grab her keys to lock her door and that's when he came in the room. My sister was not a coward. She protected her kids. Why aren't they protecting us?

Erica Lafferty: The same. I mean I've said it a plethora of times before, my mom was not scared in the halls of Sandy Hook, they should not be scared to cast a vote to protect millions of innocent people.

Bob Schieffer: How do you get something done here? You say you're not going away. What specifically can you do?

Erica Lafferty: I know we have a great team of senators that are not giving up on this, they are going to work to try to find some type of new compromise to maybe, I know there was question about the rural part of the Toomey-Manchin legislation that they are going to try to work on. So I'm really going to be here to do anything that they need me to do, get the word out, talk to anyone that will listen. People are going to get sick of seeing my face because I'm not giving up on this, I'm not giving up on my mom.

Bob Schieffer: What was the hardest part? I'd just like to hear from each of you, what was the hardest part of this week for each of you? After all you've been through before this week -

Erica Lafferty: Having to live the worst day of my entire life multiple times daily. It's excruciating.