"Face the Nation" transcript May 6: Gingrich, Bachmann, Schumer, Dean

NEWT GINGRICH (Former Republican Presidential Candidate/Former House Speaker): Oh, I-- I think as a citizen, sure, I had a chance to go out and explain what I would do and how I'd do it, and Callista and I got to meet thousands of people who were very positive, and hopefully I made some positive contribution to the dialogue and proposed some very big ideas that I think over the next five or ten years, some of them will actually become law, so I think-- it's-- it's part of the process of citizenship.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Do you think because many times, during the campaign, you were all over Mitt Romney for claiming he was a conservative, and you said he wasn't. Do you think he would have been better off, or would be better off now to simply concede that he is a moderate? I mean is that a bad thing to be known as a moderate?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, look, we had a very hard-fought campaign, and a lot of different people threw punches in a lot of different directions. The fact is, compared to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney is a solid conservative. I think you have to come down to what's the choice this November, and the choice is the most radical President in American history and a failed President at the economy and somebody who has a solid record on jobs and who in fact, on basic principles is a conservative. And I think, you can get into arguments about who is how conservative. But compared to Obama, Mitt Romney is a solid conservative.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Does Mitt Romney want your support? I notice you haven't endorsed him yet?

NEWT GINGRICH: You know, that's very strange to me. I said on Wednesday when I did the statement of suspending the campaign, I'm going to campaign for him. I favor him over Obama, and I went through, like, seven different issues where I favor him. I'll do everything I can to help elect Romney and I'll do everything I can to help the Senate and to help the House Republicans. I'm not sure what endorsement means beyond that. I will be campaigning with Mitt in the near future--

BOB SCHIEFFER (voice overlapping): So-- so you have endorsed him--

NEWT GINGRICH (voice overlapping): As far as I'm concerned--

BOB SCHIEFFER (voice overlapping): --you already endorsed him.

NEWT GINGRICH (voice overlapping): --I have endorsed him and-- and I-- we're working with his campaign team and I want him to carry the maximum number of states and I want the election in September and October to help win the Senate for Republicans and to help increase Republican margin in the House.

BOB SCHIEFFER: He is running basically and says this campaign, and you're almost saying the same thing, is just simply a referendum on Barack Obama? Isn't it going to had to be more than that if he's going to win, doesn't-- he have to come up with some big ideas, like you proposed?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well-- well, I think you will have some things and he already has proposed some things towards job creation, towards better tax policy, better regulatory policy. But I also think when you have a President who has had the worst economy since The Great Depression, you know, Barack Obama was wrong about change. I mean he said yesterday change is the still the issue. Well, we have had change. More Americans have lost jobs. More Americans have had their homes foreclosed. More Americans have paid more for gasoline. More Americans have been driven into poverty. I mean we have seen a lot of change under Barack Obama. The sad thing is almost all of it has been negative.

BOB SCHIEFFER: Well, what do you think, Governor Romney, ought to be doing right now?

NEWT GINGRICH: Pretty close to what he's doing. I think, the Republican Party-- again, my bias and listen, he has got to run his campaign. He won the nomination, I didn't. Well, my bias is towards a team election, bringing together the House, the Senate, and the presidency as Reagan did in '80. I think that Governor Romney once he governed, I mean, he has been in a situation in Massachusetts where the other side ran the legislature. He knows how big a difference it would make to have a Republican Senate and I think his team has got to put together-- how do they define the election, so it elects Romney and elects Republicans to the House and Senate. And if it comes together that way, I think he could have a very successful campaign.