Face The Nation 1.13.08

Huckabee Romney side by side
On the eve of the Michigan primary, two leading Republican contenders appeared on Face The Nation.

Bob Schieffer talked with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who advocated investing in science and research, but also said, "We need to stop throwing anvils around the neck of the domestic auto manufacturers" by calling a recent increase in automobile fuel efficiency standards "an unfunded mandate."

Next, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee acknowledged Romney's familiarity among voters in the state - Romney's father was once governor there - but said that some of his opponent's experiences as a businessman would not be a positive for a presidential candidate. "A lot of people went home without a pension and a paycheck," Huckabee told Schieffer. "I'm not sure that's what Michigan is looking for."

Finally, to answer questions about how the pollsters and pundits got it so wrong in predicting the New Hampshire results, Schieffer interviews an expert in media spin: himself.

Read the transcript here in PDF format.

  • David Morgan

    David Morgan is a senior editor at CBSNews.com and cbssundaymorning.com.