Face in the News: NSA leaks, Same-sex marriage and Abortion.

As more leaks emerge detailing US spying operations on allies and enemies alike, from former NSA contractor turned fugitive Edward Snowden, the former head of both the CIA and the NSA told Bob Schieffer that every country engages in some form of spying on each other.

"The United States does conduct espionage," said General Michael Hayden on Sunday's episode of Face the Nation. Hayden called on the Government to release more information about its surveillance programs, now that the leak of their existence has done "significant damage" to the country.  Although Hayden confessed "In an ideal world, I'd keep all this a secret," he believes the public will be more comfortable with the programs if they knew more about them.

The Washington Post, Mediaite and Politico picked up on Hayden's commentary.

The Supreme Court was front and center last week with two major rulings on same-sex marriage, one that knocked down California's ban, Proposition 8, and another decision that struck down key provisions in the 17 year old federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Bob spoke with the lead attorney arguing against Proposition 8, former Bush Administration official Ted Olson and an opponent of same-sex marriage, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins.

Olson believes America's opinion on same sex marriages has shifted and Republicans like Perkins should recognize that.

"Some Republicans have not yet come to understand that this is the right thing for all of our country to do but as I said the polls have changed," Olson said. "I think the day is going to come, maybe just in a few years, when the Republican Party, just like the Democratic Party and all Americans, believes in equal treatment for all our citizens."

Perkins believes the decision allows more time for opponents of same-sex marriage to focus on selling their agenda. "That buys a little time I think, because I think Americans will be able to see with same-sex marriage, it's a Pandora's box," Perkins said. "We're already seeing bakers and florists and photographers forced to participate in same-sex marriages under the threat of law. I can't think of anything that's more un-American than that."

Perkins said his group, and others, will use a "containment strategy" going forward, working to keep same-sex marriage illegal in the 37 states that current have laws or constitutional amendments banning it.

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Turning to abortion, Texas Senator Wendy Davis, slammed her state's leaders for endangering women for their own political gain. Davis, last week, filibustered for 11 hours a bill that would prevent women from having an abortion after 20 weeks.

Texas Gov Rick Perry was unimpressed with what some people might have seen as Davis' heroic act, Saying that Davis, as a former teen mother, "hasn't learned from her own example."

Davis told Schieffer: "I think really what's happening here, Bob, is politicians are using this issue to boost their own political aspirations, their own political ambitions." "Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst are willing to put women in harm's way in order to step up on the political ladder," she continued.

Davis, a Democrat, also said she expects Republicans to be "smarter" about how they manage the bill in the upcoming special legislative session, but that the national attention will ensure they are held "accountable" for the bill.

Davis was raised by a single mother and became one herself at the age of 19, She went on to graduate from Texas Christian and Harvard University.

Gov. Rick Perry has called the Legislature into special session to give lawmakers another chance to vote on the bill.

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