Face in the News: Gingrich, Bachmann, Dean & Schumer

On Sunday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich endorsed Mitt Romney, telling Bob "As far as I'm concerned, I've endorsed him." He also told Bob he'd be campaigning alongside Romney sometime in the near future. Read about it in the Wall Street JournalNewsMax has more details, too.

He'll campaign for him, but would he accept a Vice Presidential bid? Gingrich wouldn't even entertain the thought. He said, "Bob, you've known me a long time, would you pick me to be presidential vice president nominee?" The Huffington Post picked up his comments - he continued to say, "It would be inconceivable" to be picked as VP. 

Go to the Wall Street Journal to see Gingrich's long list of possible contenders for the spot instead of him. 

Gingrich: "Inconceivable" Romney would pick me

While he had some pretty positive words for his recent rival, he had some harsh words for the President. Read the Washington Post to find out why Gingrich thinks President Barack Obama's slogan should be "downward" rather than "Forward."

Then we turned to another former candidate, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. She's been out of the race since Jan. 4, but she was mum on endorsing anyone until Thursday. Then, she announced her support for Romney and on Sunday she was 100 percent behind his candidacy. She insisted Romney would do well with women voters - even though current polls show him trailing the president by double digits with the group. The liberal blog Jezebel seized those comments, writing a post titled, "Michele Bachmann tells of a faraway land where all ladies love Mitt Romney."  The Washington Post reported what she said, too.

 Howard Dean, who appeared on the show right after Bachmann, leapt on Bachmann's comments, too.  Dean said "Frankly, Michele Bachmann has never had much command of the facts and that shows us exactly why." The Huffington Post reports on why Dean thinks women are "terrified of what Republicans are talking about" this election season.

Not only are women terrified, according to Dean, but Latinos also are because Republicans "seem to have a total tin ear when it comes to the basic needs of treating people with dignity." CBS News explains his comments.

Bachmann loudly criticized the president's handling of the economy, but Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., insisted the economy would ultimately be a "net plus" for the president once voters look at Romney's tax and regulatory plans. Bloomberg News analyzes the president's economic situation.

Our roundtable got some attention too. Newsbusters writes, "Peggy Noonan schools David Corn." Read about the "much-needed civics lesson" Noonan gave Corn. The panel looked at the fiery rhetoric of Mr. Obama and Romney, and why the "fisticuffs" have already started in May.

National Security Adviser gives President high grade on foreign policy

Bob also talked to President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski about the Chinese dissident situation and the President's overall handling of foreign policy issues. Brzezinski gave the president high marks on handling foreign policy -- but pointed out the grade would be higher if he'd addressed the Israeli-Palestinian situation more effectively. Go to National Journal for more. He also said the Chen Guangcheng was being handled as well as possible. United Press International looks at the Guangcheng situation and Brzezinski's comments.