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As Bob Schieffer noted during Sunday's "Face the Nation," it's "game on" for President Obama's re-election campaign. Top Obama strategist David Axelrod joined us in studio to tout the White House's energy policy, and challenge the credentials of the Republican presidential front-runner, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

In today's headlines: Axelrod's defense of the president's strategy to lower energy costs.

During the broadcast,

Axelrod told Schieffer that President Obama has actively pursued an "all-of the-above" energy policy during his first term in office. "Yes, we need to produce more oil domestically," Axelrod said Sunday. "But we also have to explore other things, renewable energy. We've doubled the use of renewable energy, wind and solar, biofuels."

Axelrod took a direct hit at Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, who has refocused his campaign around a promise to lower gas prices to $2.50 a gallon if elected. Disputing the notion that "we can simply drill our way out" of high prices at the pump, Axelrod had this to say of Gingrich's $2.50 plan: "that's not oil talk, that's snake oil talk." (watch the interview with Axelrod above)

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On Sunday's show, Schieffer also asked Axelrod about the Keystone Pipeline. Mr. Obama rejected the Keystone project in late January, generating criticism from Republican elected officials and presidential candidates alike. On "Face the Nation," Axelrod blamed Republicans for prematurely forcing the president's hand on the issue: "Congress wanted to force a decision for political reasons. And they did. And so not having time to make a proper decision, they had to decline this proposal." But he did not rule out the possibility that President Obama might approve the pipeline if the proposal is resubmitted "in the timeframe that is appropriate."

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus, who also appeared on Sunday's "Face the Nation", laughed at Axelrod's comments (watch at left). "This president has shut down everything when it comes to energy independence in this country," he told Schieffer. "This president isn't there, and he's talking on both sides of his mouth." (Read more from Politico).

Looking ahead to the general election, Axelrod reserved his harshest criticism for Mitt Romney, the current Republican frontrunner.

"You know, every time it looks like Romney has some momentum, he gets set back," Axelrod told Schieffer. "He hasn't been able to make the sale to his own party."

The headline from their conversation about Mitt Romney: Axelrod's suggestion that, "if he thinks he's an economic heavyweight, he must be looking in a funhouse mirror." (Read more from Huffington Post and Politico)

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