Extraterrestrial Links

Interested in more information on the search for extraterrestrial intelligence? There are plenty of sites on the Web. Here's a listing of some below:

SETI Institute: SETI is an acronym for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. The SETI Institute tries to detect evidence of technological civilizations that may exist elsewhere in the universe, particularly in our galaxy. The organization's Web site offers a broad spectrum of information, including a page that allows viewers to participate in the search themselves.

CNI News: CNI News is one of the largest celestial sites on the Web. (CNI stands for Contact with Nonhuman Intelligence.) It presents a wealth of information, including some historical perspective on UFO events, claims of human-alien contact and space exploration material.

Exoscience.com: Users of news site Exoscience.com can choose from a variety of space-related topics, including an in-depth section covering extraterrestrial intelligence and UFO-related information.

Aeronautics & Space Engineering Board: The Aeronautics & Space Engineering Board's home page offers scientific perspective on this numinous subject. Find out about the board's standing committees and task groups that study aeronautics and space engineering and policy for the federal government.

Cultures of the Imagination: Cultures of the Imagination is an experiment in creation. Participants design an integrated world, an alien and its way of life, and simulate contact with a future human society. The site provides a gallery of photos and a library of extraterrestrial-related information.