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Exotic Wedding Destinations

Aw, shoot, gas prices are ridiculous. The airlines now want to charge us to check bags (so maybe we should charge them when they lose them). It's pouring in the Midwest, sweltering in the Northeast and freezing in the Northwest. But it's still June, and there's only one thing we can do: Let's get married, honey, and I'm not talking about down at the county courthouse. We need a lavish trip to do this right, and that's where Lisa Light comes in.

Lisa, who I met on a Princess cruise last month, is the CEO and founder of Destination Bride, a company that specializes in arranging exotic, beautiful weddings in some of the most gorgeous resorts and locations on the planet. Her Web site and book of the same name are filled with great ideas and planning tips for, say, tying the knot on a Greek island, or a South African game preserve, or a Hawaiian garden, or for the truly romantic who don't find weddings claustrophobic, a submarine. "Consider the Atlantis Submarine," she writes in her section on Greece, "which offers underwater wedding ceremonies off the coast for up to 30 guests."

Well, okay, I'll consider it if you will, honey. As Lisa points out, destination weddings are a huge part of the $125 billion American wedding industry, with some 30 percent of couples claiming that they would prefer to get married while traveling. And they're not talking about eloping to that submarine off the Greek islands: The average number of guests invited to a destination wedding is 88.

So you'll need three submarines. Or one very large tent under that waterfall in Hana. Lots of cake. A private suite for Aunt Edna. And a rather hefty baggage bill from the airlines, because brides and grooms typically don't travel light.

Let them charge what they want: We still want to travel this summer, and travel well, and get married and have fun. Give Lisa a call…but only after you pop the question. Keep in mind that you still have to want to be married in order to have a destination wedding.