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Exercise While You Work with TrekDesk

Remember the FitDesk? It's a stationary bike with a built-in laptop stand (and a really popular product, as evidenced by the many effusive comments). Meet its kissing cousin, the TrekDesk -- a desk that fits over your treadmill.

Now, as a longtime runner and happy owner of an elliptical exerciser, let me be the first to say: treadmills suck. They're boring as sin and awkward and uncomfortable to run on.

However, I can see tremendous appeal in a product like the TrekDesk, which would let me walk at a moderate, comfortable pace while working. And unlike the FitDesk, which has room for a laptop and little more, the TrekDesk is downright roomy.

It's compatible with most treadmills, and it comes with all kinds of slots and trays for storing your stuff.

Here's a lengthy (but pretty compelling) video that shows the TrekDesk in action -- and why your very life depends on ordering one today:

Now for the bad news: the TrekDesk will set you back $479. That's a pretty steep price for what is essentially a tall plastic desk. (Oh, and you'll need a treadmill, too. You can probably score a used one cheap on Craigslist.) On the other hand, as I always say about my gym membership, it's cheaper than bypass surgery.