Exercise apps for fitness fanatics and beginners

Whether you’re into running, biking or swimming, these fitness apps can help take your work out to the next level.

FitStar is a personal training app featuring retired NFL star Tony Gonzalez, who leaves tips throughout the programs. The app features personalized workout videos that can be watched on iPhone, iPads or projected on the big screen, if you have an Apple TV.

The app can connect with Jawbone and Fitbit trackers. There are some free workouts, but it will cost $4.99 per month to access all of the videos. An annual membership cost $29.99. The app is available at Apple’s App Store.

Fitness Buddy is an app that has hundreds of exercises and workouts. You can target muscles or chose an area of the body to exercise.  Each set of instructions comes with step-by-step photos, so you can get the perfect form. You can also combine exercises to create custom workouts. The app costs $1.99 at Apple’s App Store.

Ready to train for a 5K? An app called 5K Runner features a training program that will train you for a 5K run, even if you’ve never done it before. 

It may sound like a lot for couch potatoes, but the program is designed with beginners in mind. It tracks your progress and lets you listen to music while it coaches you for your runs. The plan is designed to get you there in 8 weeks. The app costs $2.99 at Apple’s App Store.