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Everyone keeps Googling the word "bigly" after presidential debate

Final Presidential Debate Part 3
2016 Final Presidential Debate: Immigration 07:56

Did Donald Trump say “big league” or “bigly” during the final presidential debate?

That’s what Twitter users want to know.

Trump used the phrase while discussing his immigration plan.

2016 Final Presidential Debate: Immigration 07:56

“We have millions of people that did it the right way, they are in line, they’re waiting,” Trump said. “We will speed up the process big league/bigly.”

The word left users scratching their heads on Wednesday night, as hundreds scrambled to Google the word in the middle of the debate.

“Bigly” quickly became the top trending search on all of Google. By the end of the night, it was the second top trending search on Google, and “Is bigly a word?” was the third most-searched question.


So, for those interested -- yes, “bigly” is in fact a real word, according to the Oxford English Dictionary at least. The dictionary classifies the word as an adverb, meaning “with great force” or “loudly, boastfully.”

But it’s likely that the Republican nominee did in fact use the phrase “big league,” not “bigly.”

Both Trump and his campaign staff were using the hashtag #BigLeagueTruth at the end of the debate.

Regardless, it was a fun distraction -- and people have a new word to add to their Scrabble dictionaries. 

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