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EU to Trump: We won't negotiate trade "under threat"

Trump delays tariffs
Trump delays tariffs 04:02

BRUSSELS - The head of the European Union's executive has warned the U.S. States that the bloc will not negotiate trade concessions under threat, a day after President Donald Trump granted the EU only a one-month extension on steel and aluminum tariffs.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the European Parliament Wednesday that the exemption should be "unconditional and permanent."

Juncker added that "this should not happen between allies."

In the Trump administration's announcement that it would extend the tariff deadline for another month, the White House said ""In all of these negotiations, the Administration is focused on quotas that will restrain imports, prevent transshipment, and protect the national security."

Tensions rise over potential trade war 08:32

The 28-country EU has warned that it will retaliate if Trump goes ahead with the tariffs by May 31, a development that could set off a trans-Atlantic trade war. A possible trade war with Europe could come just as the Trump administration prepares for trade talks with China.

"We will continue our negotiations with the U.S., but we will refuse to negotiate under threat," Juncker said. "We are now, pure and simple, calling for their withdrawal."

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