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Environmental Messages Need to Be Authentic

It's not news that the environment and sustainability are hot topics and that many companies are striving to "green" their corporate images. But a new report by Nielsen Online says you better not try "greenwashing" or the environmental blogosphere will take you to task.

Instead, said Nielsen, "consumers expect consistency in action and authentic and transparent messaging." Bloggers will be quick to pounce on greenwashing and will denounce companies trying to hype their environmental achievements.

You can find the full press release here: "Online Consumers Call for Greater Transparency in Strategies for Environmental Sustainability, According to Nielsen Online."
Some other highlights of the report:

  • Online "buzz" around sustainability rose 50 percent according to Nielsen's measurement data. Nielsen generated its data by measuring the number of messages about various environmental topics.
  • Buzz about "global warming," "carbon emissions," and "organics" fell in 2007
  • Buzz on the rise in 2007: "renewable energy/alternative fuels," "resource conservation," "recycle/reuse," "pollution," "toxins," "packaging/plastic," and "transportation (hybrids, carpooling)"