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An entrepreneur's "after-party" shoe inspired by passion for travel

Solana's shoes go around the world

An entrepreneur's fashion business was born out of a realization she had while attending college a few years ago in Wellesley, Massachusetts. 

Yasmine Idriss was walking home in high heels after a night of partying when she noticed a pair of students walking barefoot down the street, over shards of glass from broken beer bottles. 

"I would never take my heels off and walk barefoot," she told CBS MoneyWatch. "But I would very much appreciate a pair of flats to walk home in. So I started developing this after-party shoe," she said. 

The so-called "after-party" shoe, made by her company, Solana, is a canvas slip-on that doubles as a blank slate for carefully-selected fine artists. 

Mexican artist Miguel Ramirez's design is featured on a shoe in Solana's Mexico collection Solana

Her business marries with her entrepreneurial spirit with her passion for travel -- and connecting with people from different cultures. 

"Every shoe collection features a different culture," the Saudi Arabia-born Idriss explained. "We choose a culture, we collaborate with artists from that culture, and all the art that's created for that collection has to say something about the cultures."

Solana's first collection featured work by artists from Lebanon, where the shoes are made. Its most recent collaboration is with Mexican artists.  

Idriss said she feels empowered as a businesswoman "in an era where women are supporting women." 

"I definitely know how lucky I am to have started a company in this day and age and [in] this environment," she said. 

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