Enhance Your Touch PC with the Free Windows 7 Touch Pack

Last Updated May 17, 2010 10:27 PM EDT

It's always nice when Microsoft releases something useful for free. If you're one of those folks who took the bold step of buying a multi-touch PC or laptop (like the Dell Latitude XT, which I use), you'll be pleased to know that you can now download the Windows 7 Touch Pack for free.

The Windows 7 Touch Pack is a suite of 6 programs which are all, obviously, multi-touch enabled. It's a showcase of apps you can use to explore the potential of your touch screen computer -- and a couple of them are genuinely useful, to boot.

The best of the bunch? Definitely the Surface Globe, which lets you pinch and scroll around a 3D globe powered by Bing Maps. But there's also the Surface Collage, which organizes your photos in stacks on a flat canvas. Pinch and zoom through the collection. And the Surface Lagoon, a mesmerizing koi pond screen saver that you can interact with through touch.

You can read more about the Touch Pack at the Windows 7 Team Blog.