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Empty the Recycle Bin from the Task Bar

No one likes to take out the trash -- whether it's the bin under your kitchen sink or the virtual trash on your PC's desktop. Even so, the Recycle Bin is a useful storage location on your PC. Not only is it a failsafe for recovering stuff you didn't really mean to discard, statistics also show that many Windows users rely on the Recycle Bin as an unofficial folder for storing things.

So it can really pay to improve the way your Recycle Bin works. Here's a tool that makes it easier than ever to zap unwanted files and manage the stuff in your bin.

RecycleBinEx is an interesting little utility that extends the trash and -- especially in Windows 7 -- makes it easier to manage.

In Windows 7, the Recycle Bin gets its own Jump List on the task bar, where you can empty its contents, either all at once or by choosing to remove files which are of a certain age. You can delete stuff that's a few days old or only purge files which are months old, for example.

RecycleBinEx is free and works with all versions of Windows back to Windows XP, where you can get the Jump List functions from the right-click context menu. It won't save you hours a day, but it's a convenient little utility which definitely makes the Recycle Bin a little smarter. [via Download Squad]