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Email Tricks: Never Forget to Hit 'Reply All' Again

Email etiquette in the office is a veritable minefield, and there's absolutely nothing worse than clicking Reply All when you meant to reply directly to just one person. And it's almost as embarrassing to reply to one person when you should have clicked Reply All. Based on the huge reader response to "When Not to Hit Reply All," this is a big issue for many of you as well.

Because hitting the wrong reply option is often a genuine mistake borne out of not paying attention when sending mail, it stands to reason that there's an automated way to fix the problem. Indeed: Outlook Reply All Reminder is an Outlook add-on that double checks your reply setting when responding to a message with multiple recipients.

Outlook Reply All Reminder is similar to other Outlook add-ons that ensure you remembered to include the attachment you mentioned in the email and prevent you from sending mail with blank subject lines. When it sees that you are replying to a message that has more than one recipient, it pops a dialog box asking you to confirm if you want to reply or reply all. That's it -- simple and effective.

Now, I will allow that it could get annoying to have to confirm your reply setting before sending every email in your outbox, but if you have made this particular mistake more than once, it might be worth the trouble. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

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