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Email Is Dead! Use This Cross Between SharePoint and Facebook Instead

The Wall Street Journal has made it official: email's reign is over. What are people using instead? There are so many online collaboration tools out there that I don't even bother to mention many of them -- it would be like pointing out every failed bank in the bailout plan. Who's got the time?

But this latest alternative looks pretty interesting. Imagine a site that offered SharePoint-like file sharing, scheduling, and online collaboration features. Now dress it up in a Facebook-like interface with user profiles and news feeds.

You'd have FMYI, a site that combines collaboration and social networking features in a surprisingly compelling way. At the core, every person on the team gets his or her own page, where all of the team activities are aggregated in a Facebook-like news feed. Anyone can post team messages, upload files, and schedule events. And a search box provides instant full-text search results for anything on the site. So you can rapidly find a Word document someone uploaded, for example, by searching for a phrase in the doc.

The interface is clean and simple, and it's easy to learn your way around with the videos and flash tours on the site. I especially like how easy it is to turn email notifications on or off on a per-item basis, so if you're uploading an important PDF file, you can blast the team to let you know it's there. A less critical item you can post and just let people discover it when they check their profile.

For the most part, FMYI is priced for the big guys. To get all of the site's many features, you'll have to pay hundreds of dollars a month. But if you are small enough to get by with 100MB of storage and ten total pages, you can use FMYI for free. You can step up to 2.5GB and 25 pages for $25/month as well. Based on my experience, this is one of the better online collaboration sites and definitely worth checking out. [via Web Worker Daily]

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