Eliminate Annoying Security Warnings in Internet Explorer 8

Last Updated Apr 14, 2010 9:07 AM EDT

Sometimes, Internet Explorer acts like a paranoid mommy. For example, don't you hate it when it asks if you really want to see the content on the page you just tried to open?

Ordinarily, I would not bother writing about a one-trick pony like this -- a tweak to eliminate a single dialog box that only appears in Internet Explorer 8. But this dialog box is so incredibly annoying, and pops up so frequently, that it's entirely warranted.

Whenever you visit a secure Web page using IE8, you're likely to see this:

The frustrating part is that Internet Explorer doesn't remember your answer, so you get slammed with this stupid dialog over and over and over -- even if you go to different parts of the same secure site all in the same session. It's infuriating. Here's how to quickly and easily fix it once and for all (short of switching to FireFox, that is).

In Internet Explorer, just choose Tools, Internet Options, and then click on the Security tab. Click Custom level, scroll down to Display mixed content, and change the setting (currently set to Prompt) to either Enable or Disable. I recommend Enable.

Here's a handy video from Digital Inspirations which demonstrates the process for your convenience: