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Election Day: Some broken hearts, empty wallets

(CBS News) It was a close election, so there are almost as many people who feel bad about it as good about it.

So if you're one of those who are down in the dumps, think about how Linda McMahon feels. She just lost her second Senate race in a row in Connecticut, despite spending $100 million of her own money.

Wonder if she'll try again? Well, you can bet all those consultants and campaign commercial makers on are all ready lining up to tell her, "Listen, third time may be the charm."

And what about that Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson? How do you think he feels? He poured $60 million into eight super PACs. That's the record for political contributions.

But not one of the eight candidates won.

But he's from Vegas - he knows it's all a roll of the dice anyway.

I've never been one to tell people how to spend their money - it is their money, they can spend it as they choose, and the Supreme Court says they can spend all of it on politics now if they like.

But I can remember the days when rich people gave their extra cash to charity. They actually sometimes saw some great results!

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