Election 08: Some News Sites Declare Obama The Winner Ahead Of Networks, AP

This story was written by Staci D. Kramer.
While NYTimes.com vies for the title of most conservative when it comes to projecting state wins, a bevy of sites including Slate.com, Salon.com, Time.com and a few others have already declared Barack Obama president-elect. At the NYT, it's Obama 159, John McCain 49 as I write this; the paper has been overcoming its own reticence by sending out alerts when the TV networks call a state. The result for subscribers is a mindboggling mix. At WashingtonPost.com, the count is substantially higher202 to 95, while at WSJ.com, "Obama takes command" with 207 to McCain's 129. And at Time.com, Mark Halperin is bragging about being willing to call the race at 9:28 p.m. when the networks won'tthat includes TW sibling CNN, which is following AP's more cautious lead.  More to come.

By Staci D. Kramer