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Egyptian Opposition Not Quelled by Talk of Reform

Patronized. In case you hadn't noticed, Hosni Mubarak is still president of Egypt. His newly-named vice president met with dozens of members of opposition groups. And a funny thing happened. The vice president said, "We're making progress," and the opposition folks said, "Not in the meeting we attended." The fury that fueled all those days of protest could not burn forever. So some shops and banks opened again today. And Egypt has moved into a kind of limbo. While peaceful protests continue, the Egyptian government is trying to re-institute something like normal life, in the hopes that a working, albeit corrupt system will be viewed as a more desirable alternative than the unknown future of a Mubarak-less Egypt. As Vice President Suleiman pays lip service to reform, the government is betting that all his talk of appeasement will numb the opposition into some kind of compliance. Don't count on it.

Just a Minute....I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.