Edwards, Opera and O.J. in Elkader

From CBS News' Aaron Lewis

ELKADER, IOWA -- The highlight of this visit was nothing specific to the event, rather it was the building in which it was staged: The Elkader Opera House.

Yes, there is a town in Iowa called Elkader.

And yes, the town has its very own opera house.

This dazzled me for some reason. It was a charming old structure, dating back to 1903. It had a very historical feel. Think a miniature version of Ford's Theater. It was a very cool unexpected surprise.

And, oh yeah, the event. Let's run down the list...

America Rising? Check.
Interruptions by Elizabeth? Check.
References to the latest CNN poll? Check.
Weird question from the audience about O.J. Simpson? Check.

About that last item...

Well, I still don't know what the guy was trying to ask. Something about O.J. Simpson being acquitted for double-murder and how that relates back to Barack Obama seeking retribution as president?

Edwards was pretty baffled by it, too, asking the guy to clarify the question at least three times. He finally decided to talk about what he would do to deal with minority issues in America. He took a potentially awkward moment and made it... well, it was still pretty awkward, but relatively benign nonetheless.