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Editorial: Election Polls Misleading

This story was written by Editorial Board, The Crimson White

Recent polls show Sen. Barack Obama winning the November election by a landslide over Republican opponent Sen. John McCain.

The editorial board isnt sure how much belief can be placed in these polls, however. Many polls sample about 2,500 people and use the results as an indicator of the entire country. We doubt the accuracy of the polls that do this; there is, after all, quite a large number of voters in the U.S., and polls sampling such a small fraction of them cannot accurately predict the outcome of this election.

Certain polls are more credible than others, but we dont think any one poll is poised to predict the outcome of the election. In fact, many polls show one outcome while others show a vastly different one.

Actually, with the degree of faith placed in some of these polls, we think some may become self-fulfilling prophecies. Polls that show Obama in the lead could push his supporters away from actually bothering to vote, thinking that they will win anyway. McCain supporters, on the other hand, shouldnt be discouraged by the polls that show McCain trailing.

Everyone needs to vote in this historic election. Just because one poll shows your candidate ahead or behind is no reason to stay away from the polls on Nov. 4. Dont get complacent or discouraged. Your candidate needs your vote to get elected, and if you stay away you might just prove the poll that shows him losing.