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Editorial: Alection: Beer Company Uses Creative Polling Method

This story was written by Editorial Board, Independent Florida Alligator

A northern California brewery has taken it upon itself to establish the most directly proportionate presidential election model so far this election year. Actually, the brewery has only succeeded in running the election hype into the ground.

In what it calls the Alection, the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is selling the same beer an ale, specifically marked as either Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. John McCain and tracking the quantities purchased of each.

Our expert analysis reveals that given the nearly fourtoone lead the Obama ale has in the Alection, northern Californians either put way too much stock in their beer, or in their preferred presidential candidates.

We refused to wear Michael Jordans cologne. Do you think we want to down a pint of McCain ale?

As for Obama, he strikes us as more of an appletini guy than a beer drinker, so we doubt he would care to have the vote of the surly northern Californian beer guzzlers who only pay attention to politics during the three months leading up to a presidential election.

The best and worst parts of the Alection are the ridiculous quips and quotes from the brewery owners. Although each candidates label is hugging a bottle of the same ale, Half Moon Bays Director of Sales and Marketing Wayne Meyer says that one is light on content, and the other is aged a long time.

Get it? Because Obamas inexperienced and McCain is old, but this time its funny because it also refers to beer.

The Alection also urges voters to vote early and often. According to Meyer, the companys customers are having fun with the idea, saying that most people take it fairly lightly with a nice buzz.

We firmly believe bad jokes make the world go round, so we would like to thank this brewing company for relieving us of the terrible burden of spewing halfassed oneliners.