EconSports And EconWomen: Full Coverage From NYC

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
We've finished up our hectic week of conferences, including Future of Business Media, EconSports and EconWomen at the Edison Hotel in NYC. It's been a great week, to say the least, as we kicked it off with our mixer on Monday. In case you missed the events, coverage of our FOBM conference is here, and some more highlights are below:

EconSports coverage:
-- @ EconSports: Commissioner Bettman: NHL Players May Not Be In Olympics After 2010
-- @ EconSports: MLBAM's Bob Bowman: 'More People Are Going To Charge For Content'
-- @ EconSports: To Do Video-Centric Revamp

EconWomen coverage:
-- @ EconWomen: Tina Brown Tells Cathie Black She'd 'Hate To Be In Magazine World'
-- @ EconWomen: MSLO's Millard: Known Brands Will Win In This Economy
-- @ EconWomen: Starting A Community And Keeping Up The Conversation

Many thanks to everyone who was a part of our events, including our sponsors:

FOBM platinum sponsor The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.; FOBM gold sponsor BusinessWeek; FOBM silver sponsors Theorem, Dow Jones, Cond Nast Portfolio, Newser, IME and Nokia; EconWomen silver sponsors SheKnows and Quintura Site Search; Flimp, a silver sponsor for the three events; and our corporate sponsor, The Guardian.

By Amanda Natividad