EconSM: Keynote Q&A With Steve Wadsworth, President, Walt Disney Internet Group

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
We're pleased to announce that Steve Wadsworth, President of Walt Disney Internet Group (NYSE: DIS) (WDIG) , will join us at EconSM08 for a keynote Q&Aand that Kara Swisher of AllThingsD will be doing the interview. Disney CEO Bob Iger is on the recordmultiple timesabout the value of social media to the Walt Disney Company; Steve is charged with making it work. In the past year alone, WDIG acquired highly sought-after Club Penguin, completely relaunched with social networking matched to different age groups, and created the Disney Online Studios to focus on games, virtual worlds and online social communities.

Steve is a Disney digital veteran, part of the founding group of Disney Online back in 1995 and president of WDIG since 1999.  In addition to its own internet and mobile services, WDIG supports all of Disney's internet properties, including and ABC and develops new media platforms for use across the company.

Among the subjects likely to come up: Disney's social media strategy, how it stretches from virtual worldsboth created and acquiredto ABC-ESPN to and points in between, how it is already playing out in terms of engagement with users of different ages, where Disney is headed and how social media differs fromand meshes withDisney's other endeavors.

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By Amanda Natividad