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This story was written by Amanda Natividad.

Yesterday we had our second annual Economics of Social Media conference. The jampacked event began Monday night with our first panel and mixer at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, and we spent all day Tuesday at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Some highlights here:

-- @ EconSM: Interview: Ron Grant, President, AOL: Bebo Will Return Us To Our Roots
-- @ Econ SM: Keynote Q&A Steve Wadsworth; The Problem Is Too Many Measurements
-- @ EconSM: Q&A: Jeff Weiner, EVP Network Division, Yahoo; Lighting Up Yahoo's Social Connections
-- @ EconSM: Grown-Up Start-Ups: Profitability Is A Choice; Take Time To Suck
-- @ EconSM: MTVN's Social Media Challenge: Reaching $1 Billion In Digital Revenues

Our full coverage can be found at our EconSM channel.

By Amanda Natividad

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