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EconSM Countdown:  Listen Or Die, With FunnyOrDie Founder & CEO

This story was written by Elizabeth Osder.

FunnyOrDie, arguably one of the highest profile celebrity-backed online video sites, just completed its one-year anniversary, and about 200 million video views later, a 3-year old is its biggest star. From the first video with Will Ferrell-backed site, the company has now spawned into an "OrDie" franchise, including a skateboarding site with Tony Hawk,, and, a more Southern-style comedy site with Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. As this AP story says, more offshoots are planned, including the soon-to-be-announced with celebrity chefs.

Come hear Dick Glover, CEO, and Chris Henchy, one of the co-founders, discuss the site, the company, and learnings one year down the road, at our Economics of Social Media conference on April 29th, at Skirball Center in Los Angeles.

By Elizabeth Osder

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