EconCeleb Video: 'Whores' In The Paparazzi Marketplace

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
At our controversial panel of the day at EconCeleb, Frank Griffin, CEO & partner, Bauer-Griffin exploded into a tirade, calling himself and his fellow panelists "whores" who reap the benefits of celebrity during a heated discussion on the celebrity photo industry. Stan Rosenfield, founder, Stan Rosenfield & Associates expressed his disgust for gung-ho paparazzi endangering others' lives to get the right shot, while Sheeraz Hasan, founder and CEO, and Craig Peters, VP, Footage and Multimedia, Getty Images (NYSE: GYI) insisted their photogs play the game fairly. David Samuels, contributor, New Yorker and The Atlantic moderated this panel. Lots more in the full writeup. Bonnie Fuller's and our "Celebrity as Mass Medium" video are up as well and full coverage is at our EconCeleb channel.

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By Amanda Natividad