EconAds Video: Platform-A's Lynda Clarizio On Integration, Bebo, Ad Nets & Pork Bellies

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
Last month at our EconAds seminar in NYC, our co-editor Staci D. Kramer interviewed Lynda Clarizio, president of Platform-A and EVP of AOL about the $1.5 billion in acquisitions now being integrated into one massive advertising operationsand how it will work with AOL's other recent acquisitions, say, Bebo. Other topics discussed included the departure of Tacoda's top execs, the controversy with remnant ad sales networksClarizio prefers "unsold" to "remnant" and the effect of vertical ad nets on Platform-A (NYSE: TWX). Our coverage of the interview is here and video is below (RSS readers will have to click through).

By Amanda Natividad