Easy Way to Make Your Email Pitches More Effective

If you're like most people, you're planning to hit the ground running on Monday and Tuesday, firing out emails to your PR targets hoping to get them interested in the story you're pitching.

So is everyone else -- which means that Monday and Tuesday mornings are "rush hour" in people's inboxes. So if you're trying to pitch a story, sending it first thing Monday or Tuesday is actually the worst time to do it, because unless you're pitching an exclusive interview with Larry and Sergey (the Google guys), you're likely to get only a cursory review of your well-crafted, thoughtful and news-filled pitch (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here).

When, you might be wondering, is the best time? Sunday, according to Fortune mag, when only 3% of all emails are sent. The worst day? Tuesday, when 24.5% of emails are sent.

That makes Sunday, according to a very cute Fortune headline, "the new Monday."

So -- the easy way to make your email pitches more effective is to send them on Sunday, when workaholic journalists and other targets may be checking their email and may have a smidge more time to consider your pitch.