Easily Find E-mail Addresses You Haven't Saved

Last Updated Aug 16, 2010 6:19 PM EDT

I am terrible at organizing my contacts list in Outlook, so it's not unusual for me to fumble around, looking for an address I've only exchanged one or two e-mails with. Perhaps someone sent me a note a year ago, and now I need to reach out again out of the blue. Did I save the e-mail? Is it in Deleted Items? How will I ever find the right address?

Here's an unexpected goodie: Outlook 2010 solves this problem by remembering every e-mail address you've ever interacted with in a feature called Suggested Contacts. I've noticed this feature before, but never really understood what it did until I read an explanation at the Microsoft Outlook blog.

Here's how it works: Click Contacts and then, in the nav pane, click Suggested Contacts. Now just type some part of the address -- like the domain or the recipient's name -- in the search box on the right. Since Outlook tracks every e-mail address, like, ever, here in Suggested Contacts, you should see the result you're looking for.

Now, just click E-mail in the ribbon and you're good to go.