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E-mail Notes to Yourself with Scribbly

I work on several different computers, and I find that the easiest way to send myself reminders is to e-mail notes to myself from one PC to another. At work but want to remember to update my Netflix list? I'll e-mail a note home. At home but need to remember to send someone a status when I'm in the office? I'll e-mail a reminder to work. It's a low-tech approach that has always worked pretty well for me.

Except I've recently found a more efficient variation on this e-mail-yourself-a-note approach to personal reminders.

Scribbly is a tiny note-taking app that send e-mail on demand. It's a nifty, light-weight little app; it lives in your System Tray, awaiting a note. You can type anything you like or paste in information from other sources (like URLs, for example) and then e-mail it to a pre-configured e-mail account with a single click.

If you often need to send yourself notes, give Scribbly a try. It's an Adobe Air app, which means it runs anywhere Adobe Air does -- Windows, Mac, and Linux. And it's free.