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Dreaming Up Some Politics

This political season has started so early I've begun to dream about politics.

Like the other night. I dreamt Mrs. Clinton had already won the New York Senate race. I guess she had. Mayor Giuliani replaced Ed Koch as the judge on that TV courtroom show.

Anyway, after Mrs. Clinton won the Senate race, she ran for president in my dream. But she must have lost that one, because in the next part of the dream, she was trading her Yankee baseball cap for a Chicago Cubs cap, like she was trying to run for something out there.

I never did figure out that part. But that dream was just full of crazy stuff. There was one part where a group of Republican candidates came out for campaign finance reform. They said it was the only way they could compete with George Bush.

But the weirdest part was about President Clinton. As the rumor mongers predicted, in my dream, he did go back to Arkansas and run for the Senate. He lost the race, but he kept his cool, bided his time and was eventually elected sheriff of Little Rock. Since there was a room over the jail, he got to keep living in
public housing and he became the first American sheriff with lifetime Secret Service protection.

I woke up during the part where he was using his big Secret Service limo to track down a speeder.

Well, it all left me a little shaky until I realized it was just a dream and nothing more. After all, things like that couldn't happen in real life.

Could they?

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