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Download and Share Your Google Docs

Google keeps making it easier to free your files from the Draconian confines of the cloud. Well, perhaps the cloud isn't as bad as all that, but if you have a large number of files in Google Docs, you might sometimes feel limited by your inability to easily download a large number of them to your PC or share them with others. No longer.

You can now download and share your Google Docs files en masse. Just go to Google Docs and select one or more files. Then choose Export from the More Options menu. If you want to download your entire library of Google Docs files, click Export all you files and then click Continue. They'll be conveniently zipped up for you, which you can then save to your local PC. You can also click E-mail when ready -- then Google will e-mail you a link to your zip, which you can download at your leisure or forward to another recipient.

Want to send just a single file to someone? Select the document and then choose E-mail as attachment from the Share menu.