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Download a Collection of Handy, All-Glass Gadgets

I know that opinions vary on this subject, but I quite like the gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7. There are enough genuinely useful gadgets -- like e-mail notifications, weather displays, and search index monitors -- that they're worth the screen space they take on my desktop.

And now I've found a collection of all-glass gadgets that are visually stunning and quite useful at the same time.

Chameleon Glass is a collection of 14 gadgets with a cohesive, all-glass visual theme. With a single download, you get these gadgets:

  • Calendar
  • Analog clock
  • Shutdown/restart/lock PC control
  • CPU monitor
  • E-mail notification
  • 2 network monitors
  • 2 notepad apps
  • Hard drive monitor
  • Internet radio
  • Recycle Bin monitor
  • System monitor
  • Weather monitor
If you like a clean, elegant desktop, then these glass gadgets should appeal to you. You can read more about these gadgets (and see screenshots of them in action) at deviantART, or you can download them directly. [via DownloadSquad]
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