Don't Underestimate The Jury

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The jury of ousted Survivor: The Australian Outback contestants will be very important in choosing who will win the $1 million prize.

At least that's what some of the contestants on the original Survivor show last summer are saying.

The last seven contestants to be ousted from the Outback form the jury or Tribal Council that will decide which of the two finalists gets the $1 million. So far, these Outback contestants have been elected to the jury: Alicia, Jerri, Nick, Amber and Rodger.

Jury members attend each of the Tribal Council meetings but that’s not only way they gather information for their decision, says Gervase Peterson, who was on the jury for the original Survivor show. Peterson told Bryant Gumbel, anchor of the CBSEarly Show Tuesday, that each contestant ousted from the game brought the jury stories of what happened on the island in the last three days.

Sean Kenniff, one of the last to join the original jury, said he based his decision on what he saw happen on the island.

Richard Hatch, who won the original game show, says he kept the jury in mind during the entire time he was playing the game.

“I tried to, certainly. I brought in some shells that Jenna left for her kids,” Hatch said. Kenniff pointed out that at the last Tribal Council when host Jeff Probst asked Hatch whom he would like to see there in his place, Hatch first mentioned Rudy and then Greg. Greg may have later cast the deciding vote for Hatch.

Most contestants, the three agreed, chose the person who played the game best, not the person with the nicest personality or the one who need the money the most.

“This is not a popularity contest,” said Kenniff. “If we gave Richard Hatch $1 million, it is not a popularity contest.”

As for the current show, Hatch and Kenniff say the $1 million will go to Tina Wesson. Peterson thinks Wesson and Keith Famie will be the two finalists but the prize will go to Keith.

This runs counter to the thinking of Las Vegas odds makers, who have made Colby Donaldson their favorite.

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